Record your starting point
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Record your starting point

No one likes stepping on the scales, measuring themselves or taking pictures of themselves in their underwear/ swimwear.

We are our own worst critic and its only natural for us to pick over the pictures and tell ourselves that we’ve made no progress.

Do the best you can with taking your pictures as it will help me see the changes that are taking place, even if you cannot see them.

A note from nella
Every journey has to start somewhere!

It’s time to record your starting point. For this you will need to provide 3 types of data. Body weight, body measurements and progress pictures.

Body Weight and Measurements

To ensure consistent readings, aim to weigh-in and measure on the same day of the week and at the same time. I will ask you to do this again during the program, but don’t worry, I will prompt you when it’s time!

The form below will take you through the measurements required, but here are the details the form will ask you for:-

  • Current weight
  • Chest, widest part in CMS.
  • Waist, across tummy button in CMS.
  • Hips. Measure the circumference of your hips and make sure the take is over the largest part of your buttocks in CMS.
  • Left bicep in CMS.
  • Right bicep in CMS.
  • Left thigh top in CMS.
  • Right thigh top in CMS.
  • Above left knee in CMS.
  • Above right knee in CMS.
Progress Pictures

You are required to provide progress pictures so that I can monitor your changes and provide you with feedback at the end of the program.

For consistency, aim to take pictures on the same day of the week and at the same time to ensure the same lighting. It’s also important to wear the same underwear or swimwear throughout so that I can clearly see your body shape. Please rest assured that your pictures remain confidential and I do not publish any images without prior consent.

When taking the pictures, please take them in the same place as you did before, with similar lighting for consistency.

The form is going to ask you to submit 4 separate images – you may find it easier to get someone to help you take them:-

  • *Image verification – this should be front facing with you holding a piece of paper with the date written on.
  • Front view
  • Side view
  • Rear view

*The verification image is so that we can also prove that your images are genuine if challenged.

Please note: Week 1 articles will be scheduled to be sent once your start form is received.

If you have any questions in relation to submitting your details, please use the button below to contact me.