Journeys End
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Journeys End

The Week 12 set of articles marks the final week of Nourish with Nella, but that’s not to say that your journey has ended.

Regardless of whether you’ve decided to go your own way and see how you get on (you’re always welcome to sign-up for more support if you change your mind), or if you’ve already decided to sign-up for more support, the work to achieve your goals is real and only you will know if you’ve really put the effort in.

Goal Reached? Time for Maintenance Mode!

Even when the day comes when you’ve achieved what you set out, the work doesn’t stop. Achieving your goals can sometimes be a bit of an anticlimax and its not uncommon for individuals to question why they set that goal to start with and the self sabotage starts.

If you’re ready to understand what you need to do to maintain what you’ve achieved, I can help you understand this and support you for as long as you need to be confident enough to continue on your own.

How it works

Making the adjustment from working towards weight loss to suddenly looking to maintain the results you’ve achieved is going to require a change in mindset as well as adjustments to how you decide what to eat. Ditching the diet mentality is hard and it’s easy to get it wrong to start with and slowly go back to square one.

With my help you can start to live your new life having reached your goals without fear of any food groups or situations that may have had you dieting hard again for weeks.

This maintenance program includes:-

  • New calories calculated by me and revised during the program as needed.
  • Continued access to my course material for the duration.
  • Access to any new course material.
  • Two x 45 minute 1:1 calls with me, at any point during the program (i’d suggest the start and the end with the option to add any more calls if necessary at £50 per session).
  • Access to The Lean Cook app.
  • Fortnightly check-ins by email.
  • Progress check-ins every 4 weeks.

The cost for 12 weeks is £90

Refer a friend to the online course and receive a 20% refund off your own fees when they start their course.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss this further.